Official Apple iPad Optimized Facebook App Coming Soon

When Apple launched the iPad to sit alongside its iPhone there were a few question marks raised about app optimization. When the iPad was released a number of developers were pounding their fingers on their keyboards changing their apps and releasing another version of them so that they fitted well with the iPad, however one didn’t and it’s one of the biggest and most popular apps on the iPhone.

That’s right, Facebook. They didn’t change their app and release another version although it was rumored that they were developing it. The iPad has been in the market for some time now and you would have thought that Facebook which is generally a swiftly moving company would have got to the point they are at now long ago in the mobile world. We are hearing that the official iPad optimized Facebook app is coming soon and we are sure it will be an instant success.

The Apple iPad is the market leader in terms of sales in the tablet PC world and when Facebook release their iPad optimized app thousands will download it in the first couple of days. We learned of this through an entry on iClarified where they have sourced the NYTimes blog.

The author of the article claims that the new app has been in production at Facebook for almost a year and that it’s gone through several design iterations. Apparently the app is now in the final testing stages which should mean that the release date of the app is imminent. It looks like busy times at Facebook at the moment with “Project Spartan” underway too so let’s hope they haven’t spread themselves too thinly and the app gets released soon.

When do you think Facebook will release the new iPad optimized app? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.