New MacBook Air Release Delayed for Mac OS X Lion

We’ve been bringing you news and speculation about a 2011 MacBook Air refresh for some time and know just how many of you are waiting for it. Among our many articles one of the most recent came from speculation regarding a rumored release for the new MacBook Air’s this Wednesday. However Wednesday passed with no new MacBook Air and now we have news that in fact the new line may not be launched until Mac OS X Lion comes out, due next month.

To catch up on recent rumors you may want to check out some of our articles at the links. Along with a look a price for the new MacBook Air, we’ve speculated about features, looked at likely processors, spoken about the benefits that Mac OS X Lion would bring and also told how mass production was already taking place. As far as Mac OS X Lion goes, we’ve posted several times about this since it’s unveiling at WWDC earlier this month and informed of its release in July. It seems as though an imminent release for the Macbook Air refresh in the next week though is lessening, as speculation mounts about Apple waiting for OS X Lion, so that the new Air is launched with the benefits of the latest operating system.

When you think about it this does make sense. Why rush out the new MacBook Air only a few weeks before a major new OS? This way Apple will be praised not only for the new improved specs which are expected on the next Air, but also for the advantages of what sounds like a very impressive new OS, kind of a double whammy. Over on Apple Insider, Kasper Jade and Neil Hughes speculate further on this and affirm that new models have apparently been ready for some time but it seems Apple is reluctant now to launch them using the older Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. If they are launched equipped with the new Lion OS, this will also enable new MacBook Air owners access to iCloud services.

The same reasoning also apparently applies to the iPhone 5 which many had been expecting in the summer and now is rumored for a September release. It follows that Apple might want to wait for the new mobile OS, iOS 5.0 (due in the fall), for the launch of its latest iPhone and hence the delay. Apple is certainly driving its software at present and will launch Mac OS X Lion at a hugely competitive price of $29.99. It’s also thought that this strategy of waiting for OS X Lion to be released applies to the new Mac mini. Meanwhile Chris Foresman over on Ars Technica reminds us that anyone purchasing a MacBook Air after June 6 is entitled to a free upgrade to Mac OS X Lion when it’s released. Of course by waiting so that the new Air will already be supported by Lion on release, this will make sure that as many consumers as possible are using Lion as soon as it comes out.

Are you waiting for the new MacBook Air 2011 refresh? If so are you happy to wait a few more weeks so that it comes with the latest OS, or maybe you just want to get your hands on it NOW? Let us know by sending us your comments.

  • Rich McGary

    I just bought one last night. Should I go return it?

  • Linda Milazzo

    I’m still hoping 3G or some other ‘anywhere’ internet access will be included in the new Macbook Air as it is in iPads. Earlier rumors stated Apple had pulled a patent on a 3G version of Macbook Air. Is this true?

  • Kenny Yu-Chen Lin

    I want them now! i can upgrade mac air or iphone 5 later. i dont care