Galaxy S2 US Release Soon: Cases Spotted With Major Retailer

For some months now, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has been the talk of the smartphone market, but for many the time has come when you can now pick up your new handset. If only this was the case for everybody, the poor US is still waiting for the Samsung to arrive. Just recently we gave you news that the popular phone would release with new names depending on what network it would be with, click here for more information, and if rumor is anything to go by then the handset could be launched next month.

But will it be then or even sooner judging by today’s news? According to via Phandroid, some silicone cases for the new Samsung have been spotted on Amazon’s webpage, leading us to believe that the wait may be nearly over. If you take a look at the Amazon image below, you can see the cases are being retailed for $8.90 and the description reads, “TPU-Cases High Gloss Black Flexible TPU Skin Cover Phone Case for Samsung GalaxyS2 /Attain /Within /Function.”

Ok, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions but its looking fairly hopeful. The advertised cases are for all different versions of the Galaxy S2 but as stated, its looking like the actual design build will be that of the same for all.

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Tell us if you are still waiting for the new Galaxy S2 and if so when it does arrive, what network will you be heading to?