Acer Predator Gaming Desktop PC: The Ultimate Gaming Device?

With the rise of tablet PCs and laptops the world of desktop PCs is taking a massive hit, the thing is the more mobile devices are a lot more convenient in our hectic lifestyles so the easier something is to pack away pick up and take with you the better it will be.

A recent report shows that in the UK eBay is selling more laptops than anything with tablets rising and towers falling. Then Acer popped up with the Predator Gaming Desktop PC and we are wondering if this is the ultimate gaming device.

We learned of it through Slashgear’s Shane McGlaun who informs us that the model number is G5910 and that there are a lot of options on the hardware side in terms of processors which go up to the i7-2600. It can also hold four SATA HDDs up to 2TB each; it can hold 16GB of DDR3 1333MHz RAM. This bad boy can also be fitted with a Blu-ray burner. In terms of graphics cards again you have a choice between NVIDIA and AMD options with the NVIDIA 3D being available.

Prices start out at £599 and you can read the full press release on this link. What do you think of the Acer Predator? Let us know in the comments section below.