YouTube Nyan Cat: Custom Load Bar Is The Start Of Many

YouTube viral video reports are a specialty of ours at OSM, we have reported on quite a few in recent times that include Robin Williams appearing in the latest Ocarina of Time 3D advert, TomTom and Chris Kamara teaming up and of course those guys from Epic Meal Time with the Masta Pasta.

The clip that we are going to talk about today is one of those that will always split people, it’s one that you either love or hate. It’s not a new clip but it’s an extremely viral one, it’s the YouTube Nyan Cat and now it has a custom loader bar… Is this the start of many to come?

The clip has more than 16 million views since it was uploaded on April 5th which is pretty amazing. Now you can buy all sorts of Nyan Cat merchandise including T-Shirts and there’s even an iPhone app game that you can play, check it out on this link.

Just when you thought Nyan Cat couldn’t get any better… They went and added the little Nyan Cat in place of the usual YouTube blob and made this one of the best videos ever! Who would have thought that a little 8-bit cat with a rainbow trailing from its rear would be so popular…?

What do you think of the Nyan Cat? Do you like its new custom slider in place of the timer? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Ben Vangenechten

    i think they should give people the chance to do this on their own if they are a partner ore so
    i mean its not that awesome but its a little thing witch makes them different from other video providing websites