UK Retailers Slash Xbox 360 Prices: Sign Of Early Xbox 720?

Gaming event E3 2011 has now been and gone, and unfortunately we missed out on Microsoft’s new Xbox 720 and Sony’s new PS4 gaming consoles. Just yesterday we reported that the 720 may be ready in time for the next E3 2012, with news that TimeSplitters 4, the game purely for the new Xbox is in the process of being developed. We asked whether you are indeed waiting for either of the two consoles and what inclusions you would like to see?

But concentrating on today’s news in hand, it seems that two big UK retailers are discounting the first Xbox 360 at a knocked down price. According to ITProportal, BestBuy and Shopto have taken the 250GB model down to below £160, with BestBuy offering the device at this price with Shopto offering it at a slightly lower £154.85 including delivery.

Many of you may be asking whether this is a sign that the new Xbox 720 will be released before the E3 event, it seems a little unlikely but the question will no doubt be raised.

Would you be happy to now pay the above two prices for the Xbox 360? Are we reading too much into it with an Xbox 720 release? Who knows but its nice to keep us thinking!