Twitter’s Follow Recommendations List: It’s A Hidden Gem

Twitter has quickly become an extremely popular network rivaled mainly by Facebook who is currently the largest of all of them. Although they are social networks they are very different, Facebook I see more as being able to stay in touch with your actual friends and Twitter is great for connecting with businesses along with all sorts of other things.

We have previously asked you guys which you think is better, Facebook or Twitter and many people have answered for both of them. Now we have something different to talk to you about within Twitter that you may or may not already know about. It’s Twitter’s “Follow Recommendation” and it’s a hidden gem!

We learned of it through AllTwitter where their author Lauren Dugan has talked a little bit about how Grace Chu Lee a member of the Twitter Business Development team tweeted out a presentation and then deleted the link of what she described as a “hidden feature.”

What happens with this hidden feature is if you create a list and make it public with the hashtag #WelcomeToTwitter in the description then set the privacy on it to public that will create the “Follow Recommendations List.” So what good is that? Well for anyone who joins Twitter through your account they will get the recommended list of people that they can then follow, this will be great for businesses. You can view the process at the bottom of the article in the slideshow.

What do you think of this little hidden feature on Twitter? Let us know your thoughts and feelings on it in the comments section below.