Thinking of Playing Blu-Rays or DVDs on the Wii U… Think Again

Since last week’s E3 2011 appearance from the latest in the line of legendary Nintendo games consoles we saw the Nintendo Wii U and its crazily cool controller. Since then there’s been a lot of talk about the device and how it works in terms of connectivity between the console and the controller.

We are wondering if we will see the new Wii console in black and also asked “how much will you pay?” the new Nintendo console. We have been able to uncover the specs of the Nintendo Wii U controller from E3 2011 where we also managed to find some extra information on the console. Well now we have some further information and if you were thinking of playing Blu-Rays or DVDs on the new Nintendo Wii U then think again!

That’s right; the two disc versions will NOT be usable on the new Nintendo static console which we can’t understand. That could prove such a setback as Microsoft look to integrate the Kinect into everyday life and using it to turn your Xbox 360 into a media hub rather than just your games console.

We learned this information through an article over on Kotaku where their author Brian Ashcraft is talking about the matter, he sourced Nintendo’s Questions and Answers section on the new device that you can head over and have a read of on this link. Check out the image below which is the specific question that Satoru Iwata was asked with his answer.

Are you surprised that Nintendo hasn’t included DVD and Blu-Ray playback for the Nintendo Wii U? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.