Social Networking Used To Highlight Vancouver Hockey Loss Riot

Certain sports in Canada stand out from the rest, four immediately spring to mind, that of Baseball, Basketball, Soccer and of course Ice Hockey. All have a massive following of fans which at times can spark furious emotion. The latest news to come through is of the Vancouver Canucks losing 7 of the Stanley Cup hockey series to rivals Boston Bruins, which resulted in many hot tempered fans taking to the streets and rioting.

Streets were filled with people throwing glass bottles, shoes, setting cars on fire, upturning a truck and so on. Police were out in force with plastic shields and whilst this carried on, photos were being taken and as Mashable reported were sent to photo-sharing sites such as yfrog, YouTube and Twitpic. Some of the pictures we can see courtesy of Charlie White at Mashable include, broken shop front windows, people jumping up and down on the upturned truck and so on.

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter also saw a huge growth in user traffic with photos being uploaded onto the sites along with status updates. Along with this, over 8,000 people have taken to a new Facebook group urging people to rebuild and clean up the streeets of Vancouver.

Are scenes like this depicting true sports fans or just mindless rioting? Do you class yourself as an avid sports watcher?