Social Networking On The Rise And Its Growing Fast

Its fair to say that a great many of you have either Facebook, Twitter, use LinkedIn and so on. We have reported in the past that social networking sites are becoming so popular that in fact people are using them every day and have said that they cannot be without them. In a recent study from comScore, results concluded how many people were accessing the sites, how often and so on.

If we start with Facebook, user numbers are now topping the 700 million mark if not more since its initial launch back in 2004. Despite at times having to deal with criticism over privacy issues, the site remains at the number one place with CEO Mark Zuckerberg being one of the youngest millionaires in the world. As Mashable reported, in terms of stats, comScore concluded that the average user in America now spends at least 16% of their time on social networking sites such as the above. This comes as a rise from 8% in July 2007, with time spent on sites rising from 25% just from 2010.

Particularly in the case of Facebook, there has been a dramatic increase from its early days when MySpace was deemed the number one site to use. This has been possibly put down to its IPO popularity. Just last month, Facebook gained 157.2 million fans compared to MySpace’s 34.9 million, along with increased popularity with Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn.

Stats show that Twitter has attracted some 27 million US followers, Tumblr 10.7 million and LinkedIn 33.4 million US visitors.

To find out more head on over to Mashable above. Tell us if you have a favorite social networking site and would you be able to live without it?