Social Media Assists Fundraising Efforts, How?

Just today we brought you news about how popular social networking sites have become, sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr. We know that they are a fantastic way for you to keep in touch with loved ones and of course friends, upload and share photos, follow your favorite celebrity or even just finding that all important job vacancy.

But have we ever stopped to wonder the good that the sites have and/or could be in relation to fundraising efforts. For example, in times of past earthquakes and tsunami’s such as the huge one that hit Japan recently, many took to Facebook and Twitter to find loved ones, they were used to help those without homes, raise funds and so on.

What we are leading up to, is a new document produced by the Institute of Fundraising and global telecommunications service BT. The new guide to fundraising will give you tips particularly when using the two most popular sites listed directly above.

For example just basic tips on Twitter could be the inclusion of using hashtags “marathon” or “charity” to help access important information, or on Facebook it could just be a conversation that is struck between two or more people once they know what charity is in need of support. As pointed out from the guide, the importance of talking to people on Facebook’s wall is to thank them for their support and keep them informed of the charity’s progress.

The guide is titled “Networked for Good: How to use Social Media to Give Your Fundraising a Boost,” and is available now.

Tell us have you ever participated in fundraising and used any of the sites listed above? How successful were your efforts?