BlackBerry PlayBook: Ditched By O2 – Customer Issues Cited

The world of tablet PCs is a very competitive one and when a new tablet is released the manufacturer generally wants it to be sold by all mobile phone carriers in the market unless of course there’s any exclusivity. Enter the BlackBerry PlayBook to the UK and then it gets dropped by one of the big guns!

That’s right, today was supposed to be the release date for the BlackBerry PlayBook but it’s been ditched by O2 because of some customer issues that they’ve cited. We first learned of these happenings through BGR where Todd Haselton has added an article, he talks about how O2 has officially stated that “unfortunately there are some issues with the end to end customer experience” and then they didn’t go into detail.

Could this be down to the lack of a native email client as suspected by Engadget’s Vlad Savov? He says they contacted O2 and they have no plans to sell the device at this time but they haven’t ruled out that they may do in the future.

If it’s because of it not having a native email client then it’s definitely a real shame, you wouldn’t see the iPad dropped because it doesn’t have flash or because it doesn’t have a USB port would you? If you want further information on which carriers will still be retailing the BlackBerry PlayBook then head over to their official UK site to read more.

What do you think about O2’s decision to drop the BlackBerry PlayBook? Let us know in the comments section below.