YouTube & Twitter Make Up Ground On Facebook In UK

We recently spoke about how Facebook drove over a slight road bump in their journey to internet supremacy. In the UK they lost 100,000 monthly active users in May, so it appears that somebody is making a gain from their loss.

It is Google owned video sharing site YouTube and fellow social networking service Twitter who have both benefited from Facebook’s minor growth slump. Where Facebook’s visitor numbers have dropped, those of Twitter and YouTube have grown. So you could say that internet users have opted for a change in their social networking preference.

The stats above provided by show that Facebook’s monthly change in user traffic was down 1.19%, where YouTube’s rose by 0.49% and Twitter’s by 0.31%. Facebook also took a hit in the US, losing 6 million users in May, however they will take comfort from their 690 million strong user base which is a remarkable success. It has been predicted that their IPO next year could reach $100 billion!

Twitter still only commands 3% of all social networking visits, so again Facebook will not be too concerned about their threat, but YouTube are a force to be reckoned with. If Facebook’s figures next month return positive then all will be forgotten but if they are down again it will further strengthen the theory by some that this is the beginning of the end for them.