Xbox 720 E3 2012 Before Sony PS4: What’s Needed First?

This year’s big E3 gaming event has been and gone and with it came plenty of news from the three big players, Nintendo, Microsoft and of course Sony. We now know that a new Wii U console + controller are coming, new PlayStation Vita, new Nintendo 3DS gaming titles and so on. But what about the rumored Xbox 720 or PS4?

Today, suggestion has it that the new Microsoft 720 gaming console will make an appearance at next years E3. According to via VideoGamer, TimeSplitters 4, a game specifically for the console, is being developed for Microsoft’s new and improved DX11 development tool thanks to German video game “Crytek.”

In a brief statement from VideoGamer they said, “The Crysis 2 developer says that Microsoft will announce the existence of a new Xbox within the next 12 months, hinting that an E3 2012 reveal is likely.”

As with all future devices, speculation of what it will and will not include are the reasons that keep us interested. Following on from the above statement, it was suggested that “high-end visuals” will be a key Xbox 720 inclusion. What interested us, courtesy of Slashgear, is that Microsoft have managed to see a 29% year-on-year sales growth with their Xbox console despite its rival competition from the above two. What gamers have benefited from, are Xbox inclusions along the way such as more USB ports, bigger storage facility, integrated WiFi and so on.

In relation to Sony’s next-gen PS4, we are still waiting for what seems like “any news,” rumor has it that the new console is being worked on as we speak. In the past few weeks, we have asked our readers whether this would indeed have been a good time to bring out a new gaming console in light of the competition, or on the flip side to this with the failure of Sony’s PlayStation Secure Network, are gaming fans just happy to stay put with their PS3?

The end result may mean, that if Sony do not pull their finger out within the next 12 months or so, Microsoft’s new Xbox 720 (if its called this) may very well beat the PS4 to the post.

What are your thoughts on a new Microsoft or Sony device? Would you be tempted by either, and what would you ideally like to see on both?

  • eee

    Nice, cant wait for the Next Gen Xbox specs to be released.

  • 【тαкєzō】

    Doesn’t matter what Microsoft does. they can’t beat PS3. Japanese techs are awesome and more advance than US.

  • Dice Player

    Its way to far away to start comparing xbox 3 vs ps4 it will be very interesting to see but i dont know why microsoft or sony would release one when sales have been going up every year, people need to realise that nintendo is only releasing one because there sales have been droping dramasticly, It really depends on what launch games they have plus what online capabilites each one has to offer, say for example if microsoft launches Halo 5 and say Gears of war 4 on the xbox 3 that would bring the 13 million Halo fans and 7 million Gears fans over to the xbox 3. But i still dont see them showing anything i mean Microsoft is releasing Halo 4 Christmas end of the year 2012 on the xbox 360 i dont see why they would show off xbox 3, and Sony im not sure but will wait and see, if the Wii U drops ps3 and xbox 360 sales then proberbly yes they will put it to shame by showing off the Graphic cabailitys of the there next Generation consoles.

  • eee

    I dont understand how hearing a new console coming out for some people is the last thing they want to hear, obviously you should sense its coming soon knowing that they usually come out around every 6 years or so. If you really dont want it, dont buy it.