Woman Advertised For A Hitman On Facebook… And Got One

We have seen some crazy things happening on Facebook normally revolving around people’s stupidity and their lack of understanding of who can see what. There’s a rule that we should all go by for social networking and that is if you don’t want someone to see something don’t put it on the Internet.

Some of the stupidity that we have seen previously includes the guard who missed the Royal Wedding after a Facebook rant about the bride, a Parish who said that Facebook fosters sin and of course the teacher who was suspended for badmouthing students on social networking sites. Now we have heard something equally stupid and it’s about a woman who advertised for a hitman on Facebook… and she got one!

That means things went from bad to worse as we learned of this story through allfacebook.com’s Ruth Manuel-Logan. The person behind the posting is London Eley and she said “I will pay somebody a stack to kill my baby father.” If you check out the NBC Philadelphia they say that an 18-year old guy (Tim Bynum) took her up on the offer of $1000 to do the deed. He said “say no more….what he look like?…. where he be at?”

Now the result is both parties have been arrested and Eley is being charged with conspiracy to commit murder with a $250,000 bail. Bynum is being held with a charge of attempted murder and a weapons charge after the police found a pistol in his house, bail for him is $350,000.

What do you think of this? Is this a crazy setup or a bad joke gone wrong? Still the police are right to investigate it. Let us know your thoughts and feelings on this in the comments section below.