Vizio Tablet Honeycomb 8-Inch Almost Forgotten: Release Soon?

Way back in January at CES 2011 we gave you details of a Vizio 8-inch tablet which had been announced and also included it in our roundup of some of the best tablets from CES. To be frank we’d almost forgotten about it but it seems the Vizio Tablet running Android Honeycomb is coming after all and could be released soon.

As a refresher on specs we can tell you that the Vizio tablet will have a 1GHz processor, front-facing camera, HDMI-out, WiFi and three speakers. We’ve heard news of two sources suggesting the tablet will launch soon, firstly with evidence of a Walmart price listing of $349, which seems very reasonable. The leaked image looks pretty convincing and lists the high-resolution touchscreen, preloaded Google Marketplace, Gmail, YouTube and more.

The other speculation arises from NBA’s Blake Griffin who placed a video on YouTube yesterday displaying the Vizio tablet, according to Sean Brunett over on AndroidCentral. A Vizio rep on the video talks about a “unified Vizio experience” for phone, tablet and TV. You can see that video below this story. Over on ThisIsMyNext, Chris Ziegler also talks about the Vizio tablet and reckons the release must be “awfully close.”

We’d like to hear your thoughts on the Vizio tablet. Could you be tempted into purchasing it or is your eye on another tablet altogether. Let us know by sending your comments.