TomTom & Chris Kamara Team Up In A Hilarious YouTube Clip

Satellite navigation systems have become one of those technological products that we are becoming more and more reliant on. We know that sometimes if you haven’t updated the maps on it then from time to time they can lead you to a field or into the middle of nowhere but if they are kept up to date then they are pretty useful.

We have recently reported on a couple of different SatNavs that include the new Garmin Nuvi 2565RT that has a camera which can be used in many ways and we have also talked about the new TomTom GO 2435 and 2535 ranges. Since then we have been contacted and shown a hilarious YouTube clip after TomTom and Chris Kamara teamed up.

This is a part of the TomTom “Break Free” campaign which they have running on Facebook, they have managed to get various stars involved as well as the popular football commentator. Ones that we know of include Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills and the legend that is John Cleese. You can see more from the campaign on the TomTom official Facebook page where they have a “Break Free” section.

For your viewing pleasure we have included at the bottom of the article both the Scott Mills and Chris Kamara videos so you can have a chuckle. Scott Mills is making a prank call to RAC trying to get cars moved and then breaks into song which is pretty impressive and Chris Kamara is pretending to be at a football match… only he is stuck in traffic. He misses a red card and comes clean after delivering some pretty convincing commentary skills and then he too breaks into song. We also found a brilliant clip from the same TomTom campaign where John Cleese is doing a silly dance, this clip has more than 450,000 views and there are more Cleese clips to view on this link.

Do you Want To Break Free? What do you think of this TomTom campaign? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.