Tablet PC and eReaders Outselling PCs on eBay: Surprised?

The tablet PC is a rejuvenated item that has become extremely popular since Apple introduced the first iPad into the market. They dominated it in terms of sales with only a few alternatives getting any kind of share of the profits, now there are a number of different manufacturers finding success.

That being the case we have just read a report that Tablet PCs and eReaders are now outselling PCs on eBay and we want to know if that comes as a surprise to you and if you think it will be that way going forward. Android has stepped into this market with the other manufacturers and are doing pretty well.

The report that we read was over on FT Tech Hub by Tim Bradshaw who has given us some useful figures following his research. Last month the UK eBay sold 18,308 tablets PCs and eReaders outselling traditional desktop computers by just over 5,000 as they managed only 13,155.

They don’t even start to compare to the laptop sales that dominate 70% of the computers sold on the site which has come down from 80% from last year. This goes to show just how much of a market impact tablet PCs are having if they are clawing away at laptops.

What do you think of the growth in sales of tablet PCs? Do you think they will continue to catch up with laptops? Are desktop computers doomed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.