Spanish Police Hacked In Revenge Attack Over PSN Outage Arrests

We brought you the news over the weekend that 3 arrests had been made by Spanish Police, over the hacking offenses on huge organisations including Sony. It seemed that justice may finally be on its way for all involved, but now the Spanish Police have been the victim of a hack.

What clearly looks like a revenge attack from the notorious hacking group Anonymous, the Spanish Police experienced about an hour of downtime a few days back, BBC News has reported. Obviously this break in is no where near as severe as what Sony endured, but it still shows that the hackers remain a threat, even after seemingly being rumbled by the Law.

Reports are indicating a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) which overloads a target site with traffic until the point of crashing. The Spanish Police are yet to confirm that this attack is the work of Anonymous, stating that “a website can collapse if too many people try to access it at once”. I think it was no coincidence the site went down just after hackers were arrested.

According to eWeek Europe, Anonymous has spoken about the attack saying that the Police have detained 3 civilians opposed to 3 members of Anonymous. The hacking clan maintain they are not a group and have no members, instead they are individuals who are peacefully protesting. Did you see any peace when the PlayStation Network was down for almost a month? Neither did I, it was chaos! Leave us your thoughts on the arrest of the hacking suspects and what appears to be a revenge attack by Anonymous.