Samsung Galaxy S2 Hits UK: Where’s Best To Buy?

The Galaxy S2 from Samsung is definitely causing quite a stir within the mobile phone world, and no doubt rivals to it may be getting slightly worried! And quite rightly so, as it includes some pretty fantastic specs including that all important 1.2GHz dual-core processor. But with the US still waiting patiently for its arrival, we wanted to concentrate on the UK market with a recent retailer roundup we gave you, as well as where to shop around to get the best price?

Thanks to the guys at Phones Review, we have now been able to get a better overall picture of the Galaxy S2‘s pricing bracket at various retailers. You may be one of the lucky few to pick up your Galaxy S2 at a stand-alone price, but for those wishing to benefit from a contract only price, then here’s our listing:

Firstly if looking at some of the biggest UK phone networks, O2 came out on top giving customers a price of £29 per month on a 24 month contract dependant on as phones review stated, any additions you may buy.

The next was that from Three, which for an extra one pound per month, will give you a 24-month contract and thirdly T-Mobile offering the Galaxy S2 for £35.75 per month.

Its interesting to see how the pricing varies from one retailer to the next, from O2 offering the Android handset at £29 per month, with the top end of the scale being Vodafone with a whooping £41 per month on a 24-month contract. What intrigues us, with Vodafone’s advertisement (above), is that the £36 per month option is stating that an upfront payment of £99 is expected.

Have you already bought your new Galaxy S2 and if so from where? Did you get a good deal somewhere else that we haven’t mentioned? We would be keen to hear your comments. Give us your initial reaction to the handset, was it what you expected or more?

  • Jonty Thomas

    if you go onto Dial-A-Phone i have managed to find an offer that will give you this phone for £29 and £21.50 a month on a 24 month contract on O2. which will average you out on a £22.7……. a month contract. don’t think that is too bad!