Google Doodle Full First Lunar Eclipse: Where Will You Be?

One of our favorite subjects that we enjoy reporting on, has to be that of the special Google Doodles that frequently get put on Google’s homepage. In the past it has varied from an individuals birthday, anniversary, special event and so on. But today its the turn of something pretty special, yep, for those of you particularly into astrology, its the turn of the first Lunar Eclipse 2011!

For those of you who are a little unsure as to what will happen, basically the eclipse is created when the moon passes behind the earth, leaving a red tinge, so that the earth blocks the sun’s rays from striking the moon, click here to carry on courtesy of wikipedia.

Details of it you may be wondering? Well we can tell you that according to, the first of two lunar eclipse’s can be seen today, with the other forming in the sky on December 10th 2011. It will be visible for people to view in Africa, Central Asia, South America, Australia and Europe. What interested us, is that Google with the aid of a “Slooh Space Camera,” will be used to live stream the event has it unfolds.

The lunar eclipse is reported to take place at 11.20 am PDT today which in total will last a good 100 minutes. It will be live steamed globally from 2 until 6 pm EDT, and can be viewed on Google Earth, viral video site YouTube and from the use of an Android app.

As reported, the Google Doodle will be updated every 2 minutes and can be refreshed using the browser.

Tell us if you will be watching the Lunar Eclipse and from where? If not what channel will you be logging onto?