Facebook Hires Joe Lockhart As VP Of Global Communications

When it comes to Facebook, public relations is not one of their strong points due to their insistence on opting people into their new features without telling them. As one of my Facebook friends recently posted “I’m sick of them rolling out new features, like face scanning, not telling me, and automatically enrolling me in it”. Facebook needs help when it comes to their public image.

Ben Parr over on Mashable.com is reporting that Joe Lockhart, who was press secretary whilst Bill Clinton was President, has been hired by Facebook as their VP of Global Communications. Lockhart will be in charge of Facebook’s Corporate, Policy and International Communications teams, and he will begin work on July the 15th.

Mr Lockhart has managed to keep his cool during such events as the impeachment trials and the Elián González affair and now he has the task of looking after Facebook’s public image in a world where consumers are beginning to lose patience with the social network due to its complex and confusing privacy settings and new features that people are opted into without their knowledge.

We’ve seen Sony struggle with their PR when it came to the recent Playstation Network outage, and if Facebook was to come under the same sort of attack, they would need a strong PR presence in order to keep consumers informed and prepared if data was stolen. We hope that doesn’t happen, but it seems likely, and if it was to happen Joe Lockhart would have a big job on his hands.

Do you think that hiring Lockhart will help Facebook’s PR? Will He be able to keep people happy despite constant opting in of consumers? Let us know in the comments below.