EVE Online & Minecraft: LulzSec Takes Servers Down

For those of you who like to play EVE Online and Minecraft you may be a little frustrated to learn that at the moment you can’t play on the servers. What’s the reason? Well it’s Titanic Takeover Tuesday as told by LulzSec who are openly saying that they were behind the outages.

The guys at LulzSec have managed to get to EVE Online and Minecraft and take the servers down. This is the same group that managed to pull a load of data from Sony just before E3, help out the NHS by showing them some of the flaws in their security system and tipped their hats at Facebook after they updated a few bits with their emails. Once they were done on that day they left a chilling Twitter message for Sony just summarizing their actions for the day.

On the LulzSec Twitter account there were various boastful updates about taking down the EVE Online servers with a knock on effect of bricking their website too! Much in the way that Sony did following their own attack EVE Online took down their server as a security precation.

Another popular game that was taken down was Minecraft, where LulzSec were behind it. Again on their Twitter account they have said that the Minecraft servers were 100% and that the website took a hit although they weren’t firing at them.

This pretty much rounds off a day of hacking from LulzSec who in their eyes have been successful and is it their fault? In some ways maybe it is but in others it’s the fault of lack of security… After all this was done by using DDoS.

What do you think about LulzSec’s actions, are you pleased that they are pointing out security flaws in the games you play? Perhaps your game will become more secure once these loopholes get fixed. We are left wondering what’s next on their agenda… Let us know your thoughts and comments in the comments section below.