Sony PS Vita: Removable Memory Isn’t An SDCard

The new handheld from Sony has been talked about quite a lot since it was first announced, we have known it as the PSP2, the NGP and now it’s official name which was revealed at E3 2011 the PS Vita. The snazzy new handheld from Sony even played its part in getting E3 to 2nd place in this week’s Twitter trending topics.

Since the Sony event at E3 we have reported on a few occasions about the device, they include the official price of the device and how it’s going to be taking on Nintendo who have the 3DS as the main market competitor. This will be no easy task as Nintendo certainly know the ropes in terms of handhelds following their previously successful models of Nintendo DS. There was one particularly interesting thing about the Sony PS Vita and that’s its removable memory card which isn’t an SDCard.

This is a new form of digital media from Sony who has displayed a few different sizes of the card ranging from 4GB to 32GB. As reported by Micahael Gorman of Engadget there’s no pricing details of these cards so far so we will have to keep our ear to the ground and let you know when those details are released.

The original source of this information was a forum where it was being discussed and that was quickly picked up by CVG’s author who reported on it. We know that the PS Vita won’t be locked to a region unlike the Nintendo 3DS. The author also says that Kaz Hirai who is the number 2 at Sony and well known for his “Riiiiidge Raaaacerrr!” comments from previous events has said that Sony hopes to make a profit on the device within three years.

What do you think of the media storage that looks like an SDCard? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Agnivash N.A

    The new Gaming Cards must be at lower price. This encourages the buyers to buy more games. I Think they would call it vita card. Why didn’t the PS Vita have “”””INTERNAL MEMORY”””.Why Why Why?????

    • Tim Ollason

      agreed… a fundamental mistake on the part of Sony there… Perhaps they will release a PSV-2000 and include it with a slim model??? who knows?!