iPhone 5 Release Date September 7 Rumor: Poirot-Style Deductions

One of the subjects that is asked of OSM most often is when will we see the next Apple iPhone and recently we’ve brought you several articles about this. We’ve now spotted a rumor about the iPhone 5 release date of September 7 that has come from Poirot-Style deductions, which we thought was interesting enough to share with you, if not altogether serious.

We recently rounded up why we thought September was the most likely date for the iPhone 5 (or 4S as some are speculating) launch and then yesterday told of more news from sources that September was a targeted launch time as the next iPhone is in final testing. Today’s look at release date information is more speculative but intriguing nonetheless.

Over on Cnet, Flora Graham has been putting together the clues regarding the iPhone 5 release and is quite frank about the fact that the date they’ve come up with is gleaned from rumors, an educated look at patterns of Apple releases and a bit of something extra thrown in from their iPod Ouija board. We’ve also thrown in a few of our own ideas for good measure. One of the clues is that iOS 5 is arriving in the fall and it’s likely that the next iPhone will be released at the same time so that’s narrowed down the timeframe a little.

Apple also usually has a press event in September, which normally launches the new iPod and we touched earlier today on the fact there may be no forthcoming iPod this year in an article about Apple’s Back to School promotion. Previously we also told how the event might be used instead to launch the new iPhone. Although there has been talk of the iPhone 5 not arriving until next year it would seem like madness for Apple not to keep up with the game bearing in mind the competition from Android smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 and upcoming Motorola Droid Bionic. We also told how the developers’ version of iOS 5 contains hints of iPhone and iPad releases this year.

Cnet then notes a tradition with Apple of launching iPods on the first Wednesday after Labor Day and although there have been some exceptions to this, it’s still more than likely. A quick look at the calendar sees the Wednesday in question as September 7. Of course this is quite a light-hearted look at a likely release date for the iPhone 5 but wouldn’t it be great if the Cnet Ouija board turned out to be accurate. Fingers crossed!

You may also be interested in our article from yesterday where we looked into the importance to consumers of the iPhone 5 having 4G LTE support. Maybe you have some ideas of your own for how to predict the iPhone 5 release so let us know by sending us your comments