iPad Owners: 33% Use Their Tablet In The Bathroom

Figures from a recent study show that here in the UK, we are mad about our iPads. We are willing to take them just about anywhere, with 1 in 3 of us even risking it in the bathroom.

Lmano conducted a survey on 2,008 British iPad users and the results show that the iPad is used in almost every possible location ranging from the garden to the car. As Cnet UK has pointed out, we do not know what activity was taking place in the bathroom whilst the iPad was being used, although it would be interesting to see how may of these users had splash proof cases.

It comes as no surprise that the iPad is taken into the bathroom, it has become an excellent substitute for the newspaper as well as offering endless other media like video, music and apps. The study also revealed that over half of iPad owners were loyal to Apple, as they also owned an iPhone. It was noted that they do and have used other gadgets like Android and Xbox 360.

So where is the most popular place for the iPad to be used in the house? PC World has reported that iPad users are most comfortable with their tablet when tucked up in bed. Do you use your iPad in the bathroom or do you prefer to let someone else have a go on it? Let us know all of your tablet habits in the comments section.