iPad 3: Release & 3D Inclusion Rumors, Your Views?

Rumors of an Apple iPad 3 keep on coming and today is no exception. During the last few weeks if not months, we have bringing you up to speed with suggestions of what it may look like, included specs, possible price and so on. Today its of the release date and news of 3D inclusion.

According to Slashgear, news comes as a new CPT panel has been spotted with a 3D screen placed into the first iPad, something of which was showcased at Display Taiwan. If you take a look at the embedded video below, CPT’s stand appeared to have an iPad featuring a 3D screen however, although this clearly was an iPad chassis, this doesn’t automatically mean that Apple will be working with the company for its iPad 3 3D technology.

The chances are that if rumor is correct and the third gen tablet from Apple is to gain three-dimensional facilities, it will use glasses-free technology to support this. As we see it, wearing special glasses whilst watching movies on the big screen seems quite acceptable, but having to adorn the eye-wear to use on a tablet device doesn’t quite cut it.

While we will probably have to wait until 2012 for the iPad 3 release, there is still plenty of time for speculation to surface over the Apple slate and 3D inclusion. No doubt, as this technology reaches into more and more areas of our lives, advances will be made and likely linked to one of the most popular devices currently available.

Can you see 3D coming to iPad 3, would you be happy to wear glasses to gain the experience?