Galaxy S2 Amoled Display: Battery Life Upped By Simple Measures

Samsung’s newest edition smartphone, that of the Galaxy S2 is causing a huge amount of attention, and along the way we have tried to give you snippets of information as and when they come in, such as today with news of a new Galaxy S2 dual-core advertisement. Comparisons have been made to new phones such as the Motorola Photon 4G, HTC Sensation, Droid Bionic and its possible new add-ons, LG Optimus Black and so on. As well as a video, we are centring our attention on the 4.3-inch Super AMOLED screen, how this can affect the amount of battery life and ways to increase it.

Confused, don’t be. Many of the current and forthcoming handsets include the AMOLED display, but to see what effects the screen was having on the battery, a gentleman by the name of Steve Mould looked into what simple measures can be taken to increase it.

Interestingly the information found can only be used on OLED screens as oppose to the LCD display. As Cnet explained, this is because the backlight on the screen is always on!

In his experiment, Steve looked at the juice life found in the Nexus S which coincidentally was left on for two hours with a black and a white screen. The conclusion: On the white screen, the battery level dropped 71% as oppose to the black with just 12.2%. The amount of apps can be a contributory factor, lowering the display brightness to below 50%, even simple things such as turning off your WiFi or Bluetooth can all help increase the battery. To find out more head on over to the link above.

Tell us if any, what you do to increase your battery life? Has it ever crossed your mind to do any of the above? Let us know if the Galaxy S2 or Nexus S is for you?

  • Simon Rackliff

    >>the backlight on the screen is always on!

    The backlight is always on in LCD screens, not OLED. Read CNET again The paragraph in question is badly formed.

    In OLED there is no backlight – the pixels are actually little LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes), so a black pixel means that LED is off – less power.