Epic Games Targeted: Password Reshuffle After Hack

Today yet another story of hacking has been bought to our attention, this time it involves the attack on Epic Games. Just earlier this morning we gave you news that the US Senate’s network had been the target of hacking group Lulz Security, and although the stolen information was not sensitive it made its way online.

So what do we know about the latest attack on Epic? According to ITproportal.com, the gaming developer’s forums and indeed its website has now been attacked, which in turn have resulted in passwords with encryption, users’ email addresses being taken, but thankfully not credit card information.

Unlike some of the other hacking attacks on Sony, Codemasters, Microsoft and Nintendo, Epic Games have reset customers’ passwords with the intention of having the existing site ready to commence in a matter of days and not weeks!

As theregister.co.uk pointed out, the Unreal Developer Netwok (UDN) was not attacked, but it still leaves many of us wondering when the hackers will stop, and what future security measures should be taken?

Let us know what you think?