Apple Owes Nokia A Fortune After Patent License Deal

At the end of every lawsuit is normally a settlement and after so many new ones being filed recently we finally have the end of one. Nokia’s battle with Apple is finally at an end as the 2 companies signed a patent license agreement.

Nokia accused Apple of infringing its patents back in 2009, with the iPhone in particular being the biggest breach of their intellectual property, Mashable has reported. In response Apple filed a counter lawsuit, claiming Nokia was infringing on 13 of their own patents. Nobody knew who had copied who and so it was down to a battle of the lawyers.

A verdict has finally been reached and it seems Apple will have to pay Nokia a one time payment, and then continue paying them royalties for the term of the agreement. It was been reported that Apple may have to shell out as much as $1 billion to the Finnish mobile maker, which would certainly help them, given their current struggling situation.

Zdnet has confirmed that the lawsuit has now been dropped, so it looks like Apple can now focus on their task of suing Samsung over another alleged patent infringement. The Korean giant was forced to hand over many of its upcoming Galaxy gadgets for investigation. How will Apple react to this rare loss? Leave us your thoughts on this and also the huge amount of lawsuits that are being issued amongst the big companies.