Apple GSM iPhone 4 Now Unlocked for US: On Sale Today

Although most of the talk about iPhone’s lately has been about the release of the iPhone 5 there’s good news today for those who don’t want to wait but are interested in the iPhone 4. Today Apple has begun selling the iPhone 4 unlocked, the first time in the U.S that the company has sold unlocked versions of the iconic smartphone.

You will have to splash out though, but bear in mind that consumers in other countries have had to pay an awful lot more for the privilege. For the GSM version of the iPhone 4 (not CDMA for Verizon) you’ll pay a price of $649 for the 16GB model or $749 for 32GB’s, according to Vlad Savov over on Engadget, sourced from Apple. The main advantage of an unlocked GSM iPhone for US buyers will be to those who travel internationally, who will now be able to use their iPhones abroad by changing their MicroSIM.

If you want the black GSM iPhone 4 you can order online for shipping within 3 business days while the white version will take 3 to 5 days. Josh Ong over on Apple Insider also reports on the unlocked GSM iPhone 4 and notes that this is likely to be a big blow for AT&T who held exclusivity for the iPhone for 3 years until the launch of a Verizon iPhone in February.

We’re also informed that the unlocked iPhone 4 from Apple in the US is not available for international shipping but of course there may be those visiting the U.S. who will choose to take advantage of the much lower unlocked prices. Others though may think twice about purchasing an iPhone 4 now when it’s possible that the upcoming iPhone 5 will have 4G LTE support. We’d like to hear your thoughts on this so let us know with your comments.