Amazon Tablet Codenamed Hollywood: Free Movie Streaming

Back in May we told readers about rumors regarding Amazon joining the tablet market and there was speculation that two tablets, the Hollywood and the Coyote, may be available by the end of the year. Today we have further news on the Amazon tablet codenamed Hollywood as it seems it may feature free movie streaming.

Information on the rumored Amazon Kindle tablets is very scarce at the moment but this intriguing snippet of information has come from the consumer research department at Detwiler Fenton who suggest the Hollywood could have Amazon’s movie streaming on release. It’s also believed that the service on this full color tablet will be free, for at least the first few months.

Other information about the Hollywood so far hints at a quad-core processor running on the Android Honeycomb OS, according to Rik Henderson over on Pocket-Lint, sourced from BGR and Barrons. Other plus points include Amazon AppStore access as well as Amazon’s Cloud Locker music service. There’s also a report on this speculation over on The Next Web, which talks more about the 10-inch Hollywood tablet and says that Amazon has already placed orders with Quanta Computer in Taiwan to manufacturer it, so click on the link for more on that.

Would you be interested in the Amazon Hollywood tablet and do you think Amazon could ever rival the Apple iPad in the tablet market? Let us know with your comments.