What Was Twitter’s Trendiest Topic From Last Week?

Its time to round up last week’s top Twitter trends, a little later than usual this week. The chart is packed full of events and celebs, but who will grab that elusive top spot? As normal the chart of top 10 Twitter trends has kindly been provided by Matt Silverman of Mashable.

We start with the French Open at number 10, where the tennis heavyweights Roger Federer and Raphael Nadal clashed. Nadal came out on top to win the competition with with Li Na also being amongst the trends as she was victorious in the women’s singles finals. Your number 9 this week is basketball big shot LeBron James. The athlete drew attention away from the Miami Heat vs. Dallas Mavericks game, with tweets going around such as “#LeBronHairlineThemeSong”.

Justin Bieber makes his regular appearance in the chart at 8, after he won an award at the MTV movie awards. In at 7 is Apple, after they held their annual worldwide developers conference, better known as WWDC. The event focused on software and tweeters went crazy over the iMessage system that’s coming out, as it is like Apple’s version of BlackBerry’s BBM. Image courtesy of Slash Gear.

Moving up the chart we now have Alice Pyne who is a 15 year old Twitter user who tragically has terminal cancer. The brave young lady drew up a bucket list and asked her followers to sign up to and donate to bone marrow charities. Les Paul is your number 5, as a result of Google’s doodle last week. The legendary guitarist had his birth celebrated with an interactive doodle.

Another celebrity enters the chart at number 4, and its Selena Gomez. The young actress trended after the host at the MTV movie awards made a crack about her relationship with Justin Bieber. Tweeters also shared news about her having to go in to hospital because of a minor ailment. Surprise surprise the MTV movie awards pops up at number 3. Tweeters posted various thoughts on the event, with Twilight being amongst them after it won several awards.

The runner up this week is E3 2011. The electronic entertainment expo is a yearly event that unveils and showcases upcoming consoles, games and other forms of gadgets. Tweeters discussed the PlayStation Vita, Wiiu and Nintendo 3DS the most. And now its the 1 you have all been waiting for! Topping the chat this week is Soccer/Football. The most talked about subjects were Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant, Martin Jol taking the managerial vacancy at Fulham and Poland’s win over Argentina.

Thats all for this week, but be sure to visit us for next week’s edition, who do you think will be at the top? If you missed last week’s chart then click here to catch up. Leave us any thoughts or questions you have on the chart in the comments section below.