New Facebook Scam Involving Justin Bieber Punching Selena Gomez

Facebook is the largest of all the Social Networking sites with more than 500 million users worldwide which is probably the reason that it’s so often the victim of Facebook scams, virus and malware. Some of the recent reports we have written include the free $25 iTunes Gift Card, the Nicki Minaj tape and of course the apparent addition of the Dislike button.

Now we have a new Facebook scam involving Justin Bieber punching his girlfriend Selena Gomez. We learned of it through an article over on where the scam is trying to look like an official report. The actual title of the post is “TMZ Reports Justin Bieber Punched Selena Gomez IN THE LIP!!” You can see an image of it below.

When you click on the wall post you get taken to a page where they imply that there’s a video for you to watch of it with a big play button and a message saying to click the play button to watch the apparent actions of the “Biebster.”

Once you have clicked on the play button you will have just “Liked” the page and spammed all of your unsuspecting Facebook friends with the same scam you fell for, this is called “Like-Jacking.” You will also be directed to a survey which is where the scammer wanted you to be which you can see below.

To sort this problem out you will first need to click on the “X” on the wall post and then hit the “Remove Post and Unlike” option from the drop down menu. We would also advise that you run a virus and spyware scan just to be sure.

As a gentle reminder you should never enter your genuine information into these surveys, doing so will only put yourself at risk. What we need you to do is share this information with your friends as we continue the fight and stop the spread of things like this.

Have you seen this scam going around? Did you fall for it? Let us know in the comments section below.