Facebook: The World’s Most Dominant Social Network

Facebook for some time now has been the largest social network that we can go on. At the moment it has more than 500 million users signed up with more than half of them returning daily to perform their everyday tasks. But now we have something different to tell you about.

As things stand Facebook is the world’s most dominant social network that there is. Popular networks in the US and Europe include Twitter and LinkedIn too but Facebook has an impressive grasp on the world in terms of traffic.

We learned of an infograph through allfacebook.com’s Nick O’Neill says that Facebook’s growth has slowed and apparently even decreased domestically. Facebook seems to be the social network of choice for the US, Europe, Australia and India leaving only a few more key countries to gain full world domination.

The countries that Facebook is still looking to become dominant in are Russia, Japan, Korea and China. We agree with Nick O’Neill when he mentions his interest in the chart in coming months purely because Facebook seems to have slowed in recent times. You can view the full infograph below.

What do you think of Facebook’s bid for world domination, will they make it one day? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.