ZionEyez Camera Sunglasses, Upload Pics To Facebook

A large majority of us now use social media sites as part of our everyday lives, whether its just to update our status to keep friends and family informed, or to keep a check on others daily regime. Sometimes we use the sites to post clips of things that have happened to us, or things that we have seen which may amuse our contacts list.

The only downside to this is that you have to hold your mobile device to record these situations, and even then there may be something that happens before we have a chance to get out our handsets and press record.

This problem has now been solved by ZionEyez glasses, which as the Daily Mail report allow users to record footage via the special sunglasses and then upload straight on to your home page via your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

With the use of a clever microscopic built in camera on the right hand side of the frames, wearers will be able to link to Facebook, giving real-time video streaming. Seeing what you see, the camera glasses are powered by a lithium battery that resides in the left hand arm, and provides up to three hours recording time.

Priced at £92 the ZionEyez glasses come with 100% UVA/UVB, tinted lenses, which can have to option of prescription lenses if needed. ZionEyez reckon that their innovation will allow easier video streaming as normal procedures meant that users had to hold their mobile phone, subsequently only recording short clips. As they state, “Imagine yourself recording exactly what your “Eyez” see, whether it be worldly travels or a college lecture, no memorable event will be lost.”

Others however don’t share the US firms excitement, with one calling the design ‘ridiculous’, stating, “New technologies often suffer from one of two problems: either the idea is bad, or the product is mere vaporware,’ he said. ‘Every once in a while, though, there comes along a special gadget that’s both.”

Give us your opinion on the ZionEyez camera glasses, do you think there is a place for them in your lives, or are they just an aid for so wannabe undercover James Bond types?