New Gabrielle Giffords Photos on Facebook: Remarkably Radiant

Many of you will remember the tragic Arizona shootings back in January where several people were killed and congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was horrendously wounded and just after that we also wrote about whether Sarah Palin’s target list played any part in the incident. Now we have some good news as new pictures of Gabrielle Giffords have been posted on Facebook showing the gunshot victim with a big smile.

It’s pretty difficult to imagine, when seeing Giffords smiling face, that she suffered a gunshot wound to the head only 5 months ago and the pictures posted on Facebook by her staff are testament to her bravery and those who looked after her. Both photos were taken on May 17 and Giffords now has shorter dark hair and looks remarkably radiant. Thousands of people have already posted comments on the Facebook page with thoughts for Giffords although the images were only put up a few hours ago.

Although this doesn’t lessen the grief for the families and friends who lost loved ones in the incident, it is heartening to see the images revealed today and how far Giffords has come. However her spokeswoman Pia Carusone told the Arizona Republic that Giffords still has problems with speech, according to Charlie White over on Mashable.

Giffords’ medical team is hopeful of a “tremendously good recovery” and we can only say that her recovery so far seems nothing short of miraculous and of course we wish her well. Take a look at the photos and let us have your thoughts for the congresswoman by sending us your comments.