Mobile App World Numbers Infographic: Present and Future

Here at OSM you’ll probably have spotted that we do enjoy a good infographic, with recent examples being one about social media buzz at E3 for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo and another about social networking and fast food consumption. Today we have a fascinating infographic for you about the state of the mobile apps world with figures for the present and future.

The infographic was kindly supplied to us and created by ShoutEm, creator of Mobile App Builder and as a staggering figure of 5 billions apps were downloaded last year it’s reported that by 2013, 21 billion apps could be downloaded. There’s a ton of information included as you can see if you take a look at the full infographic next.

As you can see under top smartphone platforms Google heads the list with 31.2% although RIM is very close behind on 30.14% followed by Apple, Microsoft and Palm in that order. For top mobile phones it’s giant manufacturer Samsung in the lead with 24.9% followed by Motorola, LG, RIM and Apple. Angry Birds is the highest rated app while the top mobile category for the U.S. by number of users is social networking.

Take a good look at the infographic and tell us with your comments if you are surprised by any of the statistics and outcomes.

  • Leaver Fast

    For smartphones, Android for at least 50% in 2 years. Apple 25%, WP7 15%, RIM < 10%. Nokia may reestablish itself as a major windows phone manufacturer and take about a third of that 15%. LG may overtake RIM for No. 3 in smartphones (Samsung and Apple, No. 1 and 2).