Twitter Users Give Good & Bad Verdicts On Galaxy S2

Samsung’s Galaxy S2 is the talk of the smartphone market at the present time, that’s not to say that there are others equally as good. In the last few weeks, we have reported on the Galaxy S2’s specs, price, retailer roundup, name change and possible US release dates, all important comparisons and so on. With the hype and interest coming from a large audience, many who have now got their own Galaxy S2, have taken to social networking site Twitter to give their own verdicts of the phone be it good or bad.

A while back Debbie here at OSM asked whether the handset would indeed suffer from any problems, following on from this, we then gave you news that complaints had come in about screen issues. This is certainly one problem that has come up within peoples’ tweets.

According to, despite the popularity of the iPhone 4 and news of a 5/4S on the way, numbers are keen to try another brand. We know that the Galaxy S2 has been a huge hit in the UK already, Korea and so on and US users are itching to get their hands on one, but looking at the tweets, there a mixed bag of good and bad comments.

The main issues reported are that of the screen with tinges of yellow on one side, another is when pictures are taken on the Galaxy S2 resulting in pink images, some of you have been complaining about the GPS/WiFi reception issues with others a little disappointed with the quality of sound.

We know from past articles that we have written, that sometimes these problems can arise, we are not saying in anyway that its acceptable, but these issues may be corrected with firmware updates and could only be affecting a small percentage of Galaxy S2 customers.

Tell us if you have voiced your comments on Twitter, good or bad? Are you lucky enough to now have a new Galaxy S2 and if so, how have you found it, has it lived up to your expectations?

  • 1000waystogetrich

    “Twitter to give their own verdicts of the phone be it good or bad.”

    the comments you listed are all bad ones. How about writing the million + tweet s about people jizzing all over how it performs all functions better than your iphone 4.

    • Irshad Ahmed

      I have bought this crap SGS2 since month now and right from minute one this phone has overheating issues, some times I feel the heat inside my pocket and needs to take it out, application anonymous are running and every time you kill the application they again pop in although I am not using any of the app.
      Second thing is that battery backup is really a shame, without turning GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, and on powersaving mode as well activated I am getting the battery drained in less than five hours.
      I am also not satisfied with the wifi reception as this crap fone does not get in the range, however nokia’s very old phone also runs fatster at the same time.
      This phone sucks SGS2.
      Please suggest me if I can get a replacement, I leaves in Doha and bought it from here.

  • Jon Spittle

    Got my SGS2 last week, sold my iPhone 4 for it, really glad I did it as I must say it’s amazing!! I love everything about the phone, just a shame battery life isn’t as good as i thought it would be, but I know that a software update with Dual Core support will help, it’s not worse but same as iPhone 4 so can’t moan!
    As with Android….well I can customize my phone to what i want I can Bluetooth again, how I’ve missed it!
    By the way did I mention it is amazing and amazingly fast!!! Screen quality amazing too!!
    Love it!!!

  • Carl Garrod

    The Wifi signal reception on this -otherwise great- phone is abysmal. Nobody seems to have proven that a firmware upgrade definitely helps. It strains to get a decent wifi connection where other phones I have had have been browsing at flying speeds! It’s great having a super fast processor but if wifi use makes the internet sluggish and 3G drains the battery it is a bit disappointing!

    Other than that I HATE the “slider” controls to answer/reject calls and to turn alarms off.

    Aside from these gripes the phone is very good, but the wifi thing in particular is a significant drawback!

  • Tumoana K Taiapa

    Have had this phone for two weeks. The onlything I hate about it is the camera, when taking photo’s inside you get a light pink haze around your photo’s. It takes great pics outside. but inside its a bit of a hassle as the pink haze is random . but other than that its a great phone, extremely fast, feels great in the hand, Huge screen that looks amazing and so on. vodophone did replace my phone with another one but the camera did the same pink thing when taking a pic in there shop. so they contacted Samsung. Samsung have told my vodophone shop that the pink is a feature. of the camera. For the price I paid for this phone I think its a bunch of BS,
    I am trying to get a refund from vodo. Tu in New Zealand.