Posting Disturbing Pics On Social Sites A New Crime In US State

From July 1st a new law will be introduced to the US state, Tennessee. It involves the public posting of images that may cause distress. Anyone deemed guilty of doing this on social sites will possibly face jail time or fines.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter are huge hubs for image sharing and at times some pretty disturbing stuff can be seen uploaded to the site. According to Mashable, any images that have the possibility to “frighten, intimidate or cause emotional distress” to anyone who sees it, will be declared an offence and the owner will be punished.

To see all of the legal jargon issued by the state which lays down the law, visit Mashable for more details. They appear somewhat vague, with it being difficult to establish how bad any offending image is, and what kind of punishment to hand out. You can surely not put a person behind bars for posting a picture of themselves with their pants dropped? Any jail time given out must be from serious infringements like religious or racial, or so the law says.

Will the image be judged based on how many complaints there have been about it? The law states that the owner must have legitimate purposes to display the image, which will still be open to dispute. Tennessee previously introduced another controversial law which forbids people to share passwords on sites like Netflix. What is your view on the introduction of this new law, is it good to ensure social sites are kept clean, or is it an easy money maker for the state with fines?