Motorola Droid Bionic & Bootloader: Unlocked on Release or Not

We’ve been bringing you all the news about the Motorola Droid Bionic coming to Verizon and although it’s been somewhat of a saga we recently told how the release looks closer after leaked images of the new design and specs were reported. However today we want to turn our attention to whether the Droid Bionic bootloader will arrive unlocked or not.

Back in April OSM’s Tim Ollason reported on Facebook Questions asking Motorola Android users about what they most wanted and the top of the list was headed by an unlocked bootloader. We also recently told how HTC seem to be listening to their customers as the company has just announced that they are to abandon their bootloader policy and will no longer be locking bootloaders on their devices, which met with much rejoicing amongst those who like to customize their smartphones.

Turning back to Motorola, just a few days ago the company announced a new impressive smartphone for Sprint, the Motorola Photon 4G, which is very similar in many ways to the upcoming Droid Bionic. We’ve given you some specs on the Photon 4G and a closer look with video and then we also spoke about whether the Photon 4G would have a locked or unlocked bootloader. Our Tim Ollason told how early reports implied that Motorola too had been listening to their customers and that the Photon 4G would have an unlocked bootloader but then further communication from Motorola said this would apply to phones in late 2011 and did not apply to the Photon 4G, a move that will undoubtedly disappoint many.

So where do we stand on the Droid Bionic. Adam Mills over on Gotta Be Mobile previously reported on how the Photon 4G would come with an unlocked bootloader and said how “awesome” this news was for those waiting for the Droid Bionic as it made it more likely the Droid Bionic too would be unlocked, which would ‘instantly catapult it to the top of wish lists everywhere.” However Mills then noted with resignation that Motorola had now said that the Photon 4G would not now have the unlockable/relockable software necessary. Of course this also makes it more likely that the Droid Bionic’s bootloader will be locked when it arrives this summer.

Over on Wireless and Mobile News another report looking at the previous news on an unlocked bootloader for the Photon 4G says that this will also likely apply to the Droid Bionic, so it looks like more let down there too. The report also tells more on the apparent fading out of MotoBlur. If the Droid Bionic does indeed turn up in the summer as expected and not late 2011 it’s looking less and less likely then that its bootloader will be unlocked, which will surely disappoint a lot of people.

Are you waiting for the Droid Bionic and would you think again if the bootloader is locked? Maybe that wouldn’t make a jot of difference to you and you just want to get your hands on the Bionic after all this time? Let us know your thoughts by sending us your comments.

  • David LA

    I really want this phone but if the bootloader is locked I wont be able to use it how I need to with ssl vpn and everything so I would have to pass.

  • Amanda S

    Soon, I will be eligible for an upgrade and if the Bionic has an unlocked bootloader, I will get it, and my brother, who is eligible very soon, will too. Otherwise, I will wait for the next Samsung with a 4.5″ AMOLED screen.

  • Phil

    I just want to see moto blur go away! I want stock android! At least HTC sense is nice to look at. Moto blur is horrible.