iPhone Users Worst for Social Media Mistakes

Many of us have posted something online, maybe on Facebook or Twitter, and regretted it. Recently we told about some embarrassing social media mistakes and also a sobriety test that aims to stop people making those slip-ups while under the influence. Now we have news on just how many of us have posted things online that we regret, and it seems that iPhone users are the worst offenders.

It appears that Weinergate has inspired a new study by consumer electronics shopping site Retrevo.com, which asked a wide-ranging group of 1,000 people in the U.S. about online regrets. The study was brought to our attention by Brenna Ehrlich over on Mashable and it seems that the younger age group were more likely to post things online that they regretted. Of those under the age of 25, 54% regretted online postings as opposed to 32% of those over 25.

Of those people that had regrets 11% said there were no comebacks while 15% managed to remove the postings. However, 3% had ruined a relationship via a regrettable online posting and 6% said it had caused issues, either at home or at work. Smartphone users were the users most likely to post something they shouldn’t have and the worst offenders were iPhone users, with 51% saying they had posted something they shouldn’t have, compared to 43% of Android users and 45% of BlackBerry users.

We’re interested to know if this reflects our readership. Have you posted something online and lived to regret it? What repercussions did it have and are you an iPhone user? Let us know with your comments.