OTA Update And Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 OTA Bricking Issue

Contender to Apple’s iPad 2, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 has already racked up a fair amount of attention since its official launch at the Mobile World Congress in February. Just two days ago, we brought you news that the Galaxy Tab had released in just NYC’s Best Buy store with other retailers to follow on June 17th.

Pre-orders of the device are still carrying on as we speak, but for some developers who at the recent Google IO encrypted their Galaxy Tab, will no doubt be experiencing some problems with as theinquirer.net reported an “over the air Android update.”

Although the root of the problems have not been found, inquirer via an unnamed developer has stated that they think the issues are down to the update not preserving the encryption seed. Anyone affected has been urged to head on over to Samsung‘s webpage, and to take out any device locks before an update is carried out. We are still a little in the dark as to what problem(s) are affecting the Galaxy Tab to change from a fantastic bit of kit to a device that cannot do anything.

It seems users’ information will not be saved from the over the air Android update, but as stated, the device’s download mode is now working with the tech company looking to give affected users a copy of the firmware, then the recovery process can commence.

Have you been affected by this? Let us know.