New Motorola Triumph: Specs, Release & Virgin News

Yesterday during a big Motorola/Sprint press event located in New York City, two new handsets were announced that of the Photon 4G, click here for more details, and the new Triumph. As well as this we can look forward to another 10 Motorola devices on their way sometime this year.

It only seems right that we speak about both handsets, so we will now turn our attention to the new Triumph. As Slashgear reported, the new Motorola will be available at Virgin Mobile and will be the first from the company to be released. Along with the specs which we will highlight for you in just one moment, some may be interested to hear that no contracts will be offered, therefore taking that monthly payment away.

If we start off with the display size, we can tell you that it will be a 4.1-inch WVGA touchscreen with a 800 x 400 resolution. It will run on Android’s 2.2 Froyo OS which may be a little disappointing with the Gingerbread 2.3 being the first choice for many customers. As well as this it will pack a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, Android Webkit Browser, 5MP rear camera and VGA front facing, 720p video recording in HD, HDMI-out playback of 720p, Virgin’s new Mobile Live 2.0 app and so on.

At this stage of the game, we cannot comment on an official release date and price, although indications are pointing to a late summer launch. Keep an eye out for the new Proton 4G which is also rumored to make its entrance during this time, click here for the comparison we made earlier between the Galaxy S2, HTC Sensation and the Proton 4G.

Give us your thoughts on the new Motorola Triumph? What would you realistically pay for it?