LulzSec Hackers Help NHS With Flagged Up Security Flaws

Security issues and data being compromised have been a huge topic of discussion following on from Sony’s PSN outage towards the end of April. Hackers managed to access the gaming servers which consequently resulted in users’ personal information being at risk. The network is now at last finally getting back to normal, but along the way, Microsoft, Nintendo and Citigroup’s networks have all been attacked.

Today news has filtered through that LulzSec, the hacking group rumored to be behind Sony and Nintendo’s attacks, have breached the National Health Service (NHS) data system. Although we say attacked, the group have meant the huge organisation no harm, but insist that they have found security flaws in their as stated, IT infrastructure.

In an email to the NHS, they have said that the flaws have allowed them to gain access of IT Administrator passwords. The email said, “While you aren’t considered an enemy, your work is of course brilliant, we did stumble upon several of your admin passwords. We mean you no harm and only want to help you fix your tech issues.”

It has been categorically pointed out by the Department of Health that no patient information has been accessed, with advice for the NHS in how to protect and secure their IT systems.

Whilst the NHS has been a target for the hackers, on the flipside to this, can you see any good to come from the LulzSec findings? Should we listen to those in the know, just recently we reported on a 14-year old lad from Dublin, Ireland who tried to attack the online server that provides Modern Warfare 2, but Microsoft managed to stop any personal information from being compromised. Following on from this, we gave you news that the electronic company had taken the boy on to educate and assist them with their IT systems.