iPhone 5 4G LTE 2011 Now Possible: Would You Like To See It?

The rumors of the new iPhone 5 if called this, are still as strong as ever, despite its no show at Apple’s WWDC event on Monday. There was a little glimmer of hope that CEO Steve Jobs would announce it but unfortunately not! Following on from this, our very own Debbie has brought us news that its release is still looking likely for September, with news of a possible variant being carried with Sprint and T-Mobile called the iPhone 4S.

Today without giving you too much of a headache, we wanted to tell you about rumor of the iPhone 5 still tipped to come this year but with the inclusion of 4G LTE. This comes as Phones Review have questioned whether the worldwide iPhone 5 will indeed come with this very feature?

According to Gulf News and a Chief Corporate Communication Officer that represents LTE network “Etisalat,” the handset will showcase with the 4G LTE included. Talks have already got underway as to the speedy network being introduced in the Middle East along with discussion about chipsets and their inclusion on handsets.

iPhone 5 Rumors have been rife for some time now and its a job to know which ones to believe. Give us your thoughts on a global iPhone 5 with speedy 4G LTE? Is this something you would like to see?