iOS 5.0 Update: Incorporating Competitors Traits

We are fresh off the back of WWDC 2011 where Apple said they were holding a software only event; even though they stated that on their website it didn’t stop people speculating that there would be a new iPhone present. When it didn’t show up it left a few people a little bit disappointed.

However today we want to concentrate on some of the features that the new iOS will bring to our iPhone devices. Some of the features we feel in the iOS 5.0 update have already been done by competitors so is Apple now adopting their traits?

There are three things that struck us as features of competitor products that Apple announced would be coming; they are iMessage, Notifications and the new one Wireless Sync. Firstly iMessage is really similar to what BlackBerry users have in BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) and also to WhatsApp which is an application already readily available in the Apple App Store. Has Apple taken the USP (Unique Selling Point) of BlackBerry to make their devices better?

The second one is Notifications; in many people’s opinion Apple did the notification system wrong from the start. What we currently have is a system that basically throws a message up on your screen if you get anything come through to your Facebook for example and you can specify which apps push the notifications to you. Now the revamped version is a bit different and they have brought in Twitter to it too, you can read more about it in this previous article. One thing that strikes us is that it looks remarkably like the system found over on the Android devices don’t you think?

The third one that we wanted to talk to you about is a new revelation that only came to the surface in the last few days. We have compiled a report that talks about how Apple rejected an app from a developer last year but definitely had a good look at it as they contacted the developer and even checked out his CV! The developer was a little shocked when he saw how closely Apple has come to his creation which is currently retailing on the Cydia store for $10 a pop with more than 50k downloads… Imagine what that number would have been had it been allowed into the Apple App store. The logo’s that are used are even pretty close, check them out below.

So what do you guys think and be honest, has Apple taken the best bits from their competitors and added it to their own iOS? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.