iOS 5.0 Update: Contacts Get Deeper Social Media Integration

Something that we have been reporting on recently that is a bit of a talking point from the last week is WWDC 2011 and the new iOS that has been revealed by Apple. Some people were left a little frustrated at the lack of hardware showing up that had a lot of speculation but Apple did say outright that it would be a software only event.

There are radical changes that have taken place to transform the iOS into what it will be, some of them include the notifications being completely revamped, iMessenger being added and of course the new Wireless Sync functionality. There are also a few claims that these are traits of other manufacturers that Apple has adopted which we added a report on. Now we have found that the iOS 5.0 update will have a much deeper social media integration into a contact than we previously realized.

We learned about this through an entry over on iClarified but the original source for the information is AllThingsDigital. It’s now been realized that the actual contacts screen has been updated for each individual as you can now store links to people’s different social networking profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and Flickr.

That’s a pretty useful feature or it can be for people who use those social networks, if you don’t use them then they are doing no harm just sitting there. You can read more about this on the AllThingsDigital article.

What do you think of having your contacts and all of their social networks in one location? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.