Google Look To Optimise Ads With AdMeld Acquisition

Google look to be dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s in their big money purchase of ad specialists AdMeld. The New York based firms forte is ad optimisation and inventory for publishers.

The deal is said to be in the region of $400 million, with Google taking their normal stance and stating that they do not comment on speculation and rumour. If Google has nothing to say it, in most cases the whispers are true. When Google buy the firm out it will allow publishers the ability to get the best prices for their ad inventory, Mashable has reported.

Cnet has reported that AdMeld’s CEO was also questioned on the buy out, but there was another no comment from him at the time. Google has pushed this acquisition forwards as a result of their interest in AdMeld’s technology and customers. Those 400 million green notes should secure that for the search engine giant.

Google do not fully dominate the online advertising market, so it is an area they would like to strengthen in. AdMeld’s association with Google will most definitely give them an edge over their rivals Rubicon Project and PubMatic, with Google enjoying the ad optimisation and inventory benefits, as well as a large customer database. How much of an impact do you think AdMeld’s services will have on Google’s business?