Encyption For Foursquare & Netflix Apps, Data Highlighted

The issue of security and how data has or could be exposed has been highlighted over the last few weeks. Take Sony‘s PlayStation Secure Network, Microsoft or even Nintendo who have had their service hacked into recently, and just today news from BGR has come through that Citigroup’s data has been compromised. The company confirmed that during last month, some 200,000 accounts, with 1% of customers data was compromised.

Questions have been raised as to how these big companies will combat if they can, their security? As advanced systems are bought in, so the hackers get wise to them. Today the subject is of some apps on iPhone and Android which if not backed up with encryption, may be compromising significant data.

The apps which Cnet have spoken about today, are those from Foursquare, Netflix, LinkedIn and Square. According to security firm “ViaForensics,” results concluded from a recent study, highlighted the importance of storing sensitive data in a more secure fashion particularly that of passwords. When pass ratings for the apps mentioned above including WordPress were concluded, the results showed a “fail.” The only app with the highest score was that of iPhone’s version of Netflix which passed.

It seems as Engadget stated, that since the 6th of June when the findings were announced, Foursquare and Netflix have taken their security procedures extremely seriously, with Foursquare updating the app to obscure users’ passwords, but it still leaves other information wide open to fall into the wrong hands.

In a statement from Netflix they were keen to say, “Netflix members privacy and personal-information security are a top priority for Netflix.”

Interesting statistics came through from “InStat” in relation to how many mobile apps are used and how they are on the increase. By 2015, users would have downloaded some 48 million mobile apps to their smartphones, 14 billion apps have already been downloaded from Apple’s App Store since 2008, with over 4.5 billion apps from the Android Market.

What are your thoughts on today’s news? Worried?